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ARTP Spirometry Re-Accreditation

Who is this aimed at?

Each candidate who has successfully completed either the Full certificate in Spirometry (Level 3) or the Foundation certificate in Spirometry (Level 1) is required to re-accredit every 3 years to remain registered as competent to practice.
The primary target is:
nurses (district, practice-based, respiratory nurse specialists) 
physiotherapists (especially respiratory specialists) 
Doctors (general practitioners) 
Any practitioner who has previously completed either a Level 1 or Level 3 certificate.

It is not mandatory to complete further training to re-accredit. Many centres will offer short refresher training courses for individuals who wish to review their underpinning knowledge around the practical component of spirometry or its interpretation.

You will need to contact your local ARTP Spirometry Training Centre to register for a refresher training course.

Re-Accreditation Process

Candidates will be required to submit a short portfolio which includes calibration records and evidence of spirometry traces. You will have 3 months to put the portfolio together.
For those who have completed the full certificate (level 3), they will be required to interpret 5 traces which you can download from the panel on the right.
There is no practical component required to re-accredit.



Course Cost 
Refresher course costs (optional) are set locally by the ARTP Spirometry Training Centre. 
Certificate Cost
To register with ARTP for Spirometry Reaccreditation = £50
Please note that the names of all ARTP spirometry certificate holders are now published on the ARTP website with the date of achievement. You are required to obtain re-accreditation to remain on this competent practitioner register.

Any practitioner who is overdue will have 12 months to obtain re-accreditation in order to remain on the register.

 Please see an example of what is expected for re-accreditation.

Infection and Quality Control Statements

  Re-accreditation Letter

Please note that these may not be the most up to date documents. Please register for re-accreditation using the form above and relevant documentation will be sent out to you. 

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