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Occupational Health - Spirometry

The NHS England document "Improving the quality of diagnostic spirometry in adults: the National Register of certified professionals and operators" discusses that practitioners performing and/or interpreting diagnostic spirometry should have undertaken the ARTP certificate of competence and be on the National register.

In Occupational Health, you may not be performing diagnostic spirometry per se. However, Occupational Health Practitioners do perform serial spirometry measurements that are required to be accurate and interpreted correctly so that workers can be advised about their health and work appropriately.


The HSE therefore advocates, in their G402 Occupational Health Surveillance For Occupational Asthma document, that "Health surveillance providers should be suitably qualified, eg with an Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) diploma". It is therefore best practice to undertake the Spirometry certificate of competence no matter what area you work in if performing/ interpreting spirometry.

The processes and requirements for certification have recently been updated to become more streamlined. The update has also taken into account the difficulties that Occupational Health Practitioners faced with gathering the various types of patients that were previously required. Therefore the Full and Foundation certificates now require any type of patient results to be provided. 

G402 Occupational Health Surveillance For Occupational Asthma document    G402
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