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Interpretation Certificate In Spirometry

Who I This Aimed At? 

ARTP Interpretation module offers the opportunity to become certified in interpretation. It is a Level 2 certificate to bridge the gap between Level 1 (Foundation) and Level 3 (Full) certificates in the ARTP Spirometry Training Pathways.

It is aimed at candidates who may have the Level 1 ARTP Foundation Certificate in Spirometry and together with this Level 2 Certificate it has the same weighting as the Level 3 ARTP Full Certificate in Spirometry.

Alternatively clinicians may wish to attend this course that may not necessarily perform Spirometry themselves, but have a need to interpret it, therefore requiring the knowledge on how to do this effectively as well as a background understanding.

Before undertaking the interpretation Spiormetry certificate, you will need to have undertaken an ARTP Spirometry Interpretation course.

You will need to contact your local ARTP Spiometry Training Centre to register for the one-day training course.


Course Cost

Course costs are set locally by the ARTP Spirometry Training Centre. Some centres also include ARTP certificate registration costs in their course costs, so please check when applying.

Certificate Cost

To register for the certificate of competency: £95


  Interpretation certificate application

Interpretation Module Cost


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