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ARTP Sleep Standards of Care

One of the primary aims of ARTP Sleep is to promote the highest standards of professional practice.  In this way we contribute to the safety and well-being of the general public.

Standards of Care Position Statements 

Standards of Care Position Statements are set out to specify minimum standards of professional practice regardless of where or by whom services referred to are delivered.  They apply for delivery in primary care, secondary care and in the independent sector.

Position statements are arrived at as the endpoint of discussion, debate and consensus between key stakeholders based on the best available evidence and expert opinion - physiologists, scientists, physicians, representatives of manufacturing companies and distributors working together, for example, within the Sleep Apnoea Consortium.

Standards of Care Position Statements are reviewed at regular intervals.


CPAP Certified Device Programme

The risk to patients of unregulated provision of CPAP devices without regard  to technical and performance quality standards is real and significant.  There is the possibility of sub-optimal patient care being delivered, albeit unwittingly, due to ineffective and inappropriate treatment being delivered by the provision of poorly performing CPAP devices.  Whilst the majority of CPAP device manufacturers and distributors strive to provide quality products and service, there is no way of minimising the potential for poorly performing devices to be sold without a robust, independent testing regimen.

CPAP device manufacturers, and distributors where the manufacturer does not have a presence in the United Kingdom, who are members of ARTP SAC, may submit CPAP devices to ARTP of their own volition for independent laboratory testing against the technical and performance standards set out in the ARTP Standards of Care - CPAP Devices (Technical and Performance).  ARTP will maintain and publish a register via this web site of those sampled devices which meet or exceed the technical and performance standards set out in the Standards of Care document.


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