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Inspire Archive 2003-2009

Inspire Stack(The contents of these editions are also listed on this page
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Inspire Contents - 2009 Issues

Inspire Dec 2009 - Volume 10 No.1

  • ARTP Sleep Brendan Cooper
  • Cracking the Code Karl Sylvester
  • Press F5 to Refresh The Website Keith Butterfield
  • IARS/ARTP Conference 2009 Brendan Cooper/Alan Moore
  • European Respiratory Society Congress, Vienna 2009 Aiden Laverty
  • Medica Nigel Clayton/Alan Moore

Inspire Sept 2009 - Volume 10 No.1

  • Occupational asthma from cleaning agents: Shield revisited Sarah Manney
  • Once upon a time in a castle in Holland Carla Waygood
  • Airway resistance measured by whole body plethysmography Cara Oliver

Inspire Apr 2009 - Volume 9 No.3

  • Book review: Clinical tests of respiratory function (3rd Edition) by G.J. Gibson
  • Letter to the Editor Paul D’Orazio (IL)
  • Manufacturers report from 2009 ARTP Conference
  • And the winner is ... (Manufacturers Survey Results)
  • Minutes from the 33rd Annual General Meeting of the ARTP
  • Abstracts presented at the 2009 ARTP Annual Conference

Inspire Jan 2009 - Volume 9 No.2

  • Notification of a contradiction in the ARTP Articles of Association Christine Knox
  • Impact of NICE CPAP HTA on Sleep Services Brendan Cooper
  • Oasys and the diagnosis of occupational asthma Vicky Moore

Inspire Contents - 2008 Issues

Inspire Sept 2008 - Volume 9 No.1 

  • Extreme physiology: Are flight assessments beneficial? Nick John
  • Do patients with better exercise capacity cope well with the anxiety and depression induced by the new diagnosis of lung cancer? Motty Varghese
  • Respiratory Achievers of the year awards recognise outstanding contributions to lung health
  • Adjustment of diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide for haemoglobin value in UK laboratories Harry Patel
  • Pathophysiology and lung function measurements in pulmonary fibrosis and cystic fibrosis Cara Oliver

Inspire Sept 2008 - Volume 8 No.2

  • Review of the 2007 ERS Annual Congress Aidan Laverty
  • Twelve months of comments The Beginnings of Spirometry
  • Paediatric CPAP John Rae
  • Book Review (Non-Invasive Ventilation Made Simple. WJM Kinnear) Andy Robson

Inspire Contents - 2007 Issues

Inspire Sept 2007 - Volume 8 No.1

  • A bigger role for indirect airway challenges in the NHS Graham W Clarke
  • Regional differences in ambulatory oxygen provision in the UK J. Lenney, A. G. Robson, & J. A. Innes
  • Portable oxygen concentrators: Advice and words of warning B Cooper, K Butterfield, A Moore, A Evans
  • Writing an abstract and preparing a poster for a scientific meeting Andy Robson
  • Exhaled breath condensate: The future of airways monitoring? Sarah Manney
  • In Memorium - Philip Morgan Kevin Hogben 

Inspire May 2007 - Volume 7 No.3

  • Manufacturers Report from the ARTP Glasgow Conference Nigel Clayton
  • Professional Course Feedback Clare Newall
  • Brighton versus Munich - Does size matter? Maxine Jones
  • The presence of airflow obstruction in visitors attending a shopping complex in Kent as part of the BLF World COPD Day initiative M Bucknall, T Fleming, J Russell, E Griffiths, L Wadhams
  • And the winner is ... Manufacturers survey report 2006/7 Nigel Clayton
  • Minutes of the 31st AGM in Glasgow

Inspire Contents - 2006 Issues

Inspire Dec 2006 - Volume 7 No.2

  • Flight assessments – an experience! Anna Clapham
  • Implementation of the new standards in clinical pulmonary function testing Clare Newall
  • Establishment of a web-based research tool, information resource and patient-led support forum for rare paediatric respiratory disease in the UK. Laverty A, Weller P, Jaffe A
  • Abstracts from the 2006 ARTP Annual Conference (Various Authors)

Inspire July 2006 - Volume 7 No.1

  • ARTP Survey 2005 Keith Butterfield
  • An investigation into the efficacy of predicted CPAP equations by comparison with the optimum pressure obtained from Autoset titration James Stockley & Brendan Cooper
  • ARTP Manufacturer’s survey report Nigel Clayton
  • NICE CPAP technology appraisal workshop Keith Butterfield
  • ERS Annual Congress – September 2005 Arlene Jackson
  • Recreational drug use and pulmonary dysfunction Kimberley Jenkins
  • Brighton Exhibition report Nigel Clayton
  • Minutes of the 30th AGM Christine Downie
  • Continuing Professional Development Sandra Davies
  • Letter to the Editor Mike Saunders

Inspire Contents - 2005 Issues

Inspire Feb 2005 - Volume 6 No.1

  • The ERS Spirometry Tent Brendan Cooper
  • Manufacturers Liaison meets with Viasys Healthcare Nigel Clayton
  • Glasgow – a Rough Guide Andy Robson, Christine Downie
  • World COPD Day 2004
  • A Poll of Voluntary Registration in Respiratory Departments Keith Butterfield
  • Minutes of Heads of Department Meeting, 17th December 2004 Jane Caldwell
  • RCCP Update Gina Martin
  • ARTP Scottish Forum Autumn Meeting Christine Downie
  • Erratum (for OSA Case study in previous issue)

Inspire Aug 2005 - Volume 6 No.2

  • ARTP Conference 2005
  • The Multiple Breath Inert Gas Washout Emma Scrase
  • ARTP Scottish Forum Spring Meeting Joyce Leys
  • Obituary (Peter Lockwood) Hugh Lloyd
  • Minutes of the 2005 ARTP AGM Jane Caldwell
  • Manufacturers Report Nigel Clayton
  • Healthcare Scientists Awareness Week Damian Muncaster
  • A Comparison Between Total Lung Capacity and Effective Alveolar Volume In Patients With a Restrictive Lung Defect JA Stockley, BG Cooper, J Shakespeare
  • Spirometry at the Sage Peter Close

Inspire Dec 2005 - Volume 6 No.3

  • Plethysmographic specific airway resistance in young children: Which parameters should we use? Saunders, C. Scrase, E. Laverty, A. Kozlowska, W. Lum, S. Stocks, J.
  • Working Group Consultations. Keith Butterfield
  • Finding a venue for the 2006 ARTP Conference. Jackie Hutchinson
  • How accurate are your lung function results? A Quality Assurance audit of Respiratory Function Laboratories within the West Midlands. Watts TP, Butterfield AK, Moore AJ and Marshall T
  • Abstracts of posters and presentations from the 2005 ARTP Conference (Various Authors)

Inspire Contents - 2004 Issues

Inspire Oct 2004 - Volume 5 No.5

  • NPSA Linda Thompson
  • ARTP Conference Meeting Feedback
  • Manufacturers Report At Telford Nigel Clayton
  • Science & Engineering Ambassadors Damian Muncaster
  • Ferraris Europe Nigel Clayton
  • Case Study - Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Harry Patel
  • Minutes Of AGM - Telford Jane Caldwell
  • Minutes Of Heads Of Departments - Telford Jane Caldwell
  • Contraindications To Testing Kelly Backler
  • Abstracts from 2004 Conference (Various Authors)
  • ERS 2003 Katrina Oates

Inspire Contents - 2003 Issues

Inspire Jan 2003 - Volume 5 No.1

  • Executive News
  • Happy Birthday to Morgan Brendan Cooper
  • Website and Forum Report Keith Butterfield
  • Regional Network Update Keith Butterfield
  • RCCP Update RCCP Admin
  • ARTP Conference Update Jackie Hutchinson
  • Book Review Andy Robson
  • Obituary (Suzanne Davis) Georgina Martin
  • Abstracts from 2003 Conference (Various Authors)
  • The Tortoise And The Hare A New Perspective Kevin Hogben
  • Sleep Education Meeting Bulletin Jane Caldwell
  • Executive Committee Report to BTS Brendan Cooper
  • ERS Conference Stockholm Joanna Shakespeare
  • Candidate Evaluation of ARTP/BTS National Assessment 2002

Inspire May 2003 - Volume 5 No.2

  • Website/Forum Report Keith Butterfield
  • A Career In Respiratory Therapy Marshall Pixley
  • Manufacturers Report From The Conference Nigel Clayton
  • Annual Conference Review Gill Butcher
  • Respiratory Therapy In BC, Canada Justin Adams
  • Annual General Meeting Of ARTP Stratford Jane Caldwell
  • Annual Conference Heads Of Department Meeting Jane Caldwell
  • Regional Group Leads Meeting Keith Butterfield
  • Exercise Response Following Heart Transplantation Carter R, Stevenson A, Al-Rawas O A, Stevenson R D
  • Spirometry In Primary Care Kim Wilkins
  • Guest, Prime Minister? Brendan Cooper
  • Improving Working Lives Anthony Walsh
  • RCCP Update Anne Burge
  • What Do All Those Letters Mean?

Inspire Sept 2003 - Volume 5 No.3

  • ARTP Update Keith Butterfield
  • Case Study - Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis Myriam Jackson
  • National Issues Keith Butterfield & Brendan Cooper
  • RCCP News Anne Burge
  • How Long Do You Wait After Salbutamol JR Heath
  • Pulse Transit Time Fiona Buchanan

Inspire Dec 2003 - Volume 5 No.4

  • NPSA Linda Thompson
  • RCCP Petition Anne Burge
  • Lung Function Measurements Mike Saunders
  • The Gift Of The Blarney (1st ARTP/ARTI Meeting) Brendan Cooper
  • Recruitment Report Jackie Hutchinson
  • Joint Statement ARTP, BTS, BLF Brendan Cooper
  • Thoughts From The European Congress Georgina Martin
  • Obituary (Gail Slade) Aidan Laverty
  • Agenda For Change Agenda For Change Working Group
  • ARTP Playlist

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