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Terms Of Reference

(This general format of network groups as described below are suggestions only - each group is autonomous and is free to define its own 'constitution' locally.)

Membership of Group

To be attended by HOD’s (or deputy in absence) of all labs in the local region.

Membership of the ARTP is not compulsory for participation in a Regional Network Group.

A locally nominated Regional Facilitator feeds back to the ARTP Network Co-ordinator.


Group catchment areas are not rigidly defined – individuals may attend whichever is most convenient (maybe more than one).


Promote local discussion and feedback on national and regional subjects/topics including education, CPD, funding.

To cascade regional opinions and problems up to ARTP Executive and for ARTP Executive to cascade down information on national matters.

Local Management of nation-wide initiatives eg :-

  • Quality Assurance scheme based on West Midlands model / Workforce Planning Surveys etc
  • Careers promotion within local area
  • Organisation of Regional CPD meetings
  • Liaison with other regional clinical physiology groups, eg physicians, cardiology etc.


  • Maintenance of contact lists and directory of laboratories within own Regional group.
  • Production of minutes of meetings (to be held locally).
  • Co-ordinate surveys from time to time to gain national picture on topics as required by ARTP.
  • Brief written report of topics discussed & any concerns that may need addressing nationally to ARTP Network Co-ordinator

Benefits to Participants

  • Nation-wide sharing of good practice.
  • Regular updates on national issues
  • Direct input to ARTP Exec
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