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ARTP-BTS National Assessments

The ARTP-BTS National Assessments are recognised qualifications that are embedded within the Clinical Physiology degree. They are designed to establish that a candidate satisfies the minimum level of competence expected of a basic practitioner. The new BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science degree does not have them embedded within the program, and it is anticipated that these assessments will not exist in their current format after 2014 in HEI’s in England.

The current assessment consists of two parts: Part One and Part Two. For each assessment the candidates are required to complete an Individual Record of Clinical Practice (IRCP) that comprises of specific assessments that they have performed under the supervision of a Work-Based Supervisor.
The candidates are also visited at least twice yearly by an External Verifier, who is employed by the HEI to ensure the quality of the training and supervision the candidates receive whilst in their place of work. The process is completed by a summative assessment that is provided by ARTP at a neutral testing centre. For the Part 1 examination this will generally be a hospital based environment that uses similar equipment to that which the candidate has been using during the first two years of their training.

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