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ARTP Industry Survey

The ARTP Industry Survey has been going through some changes as we have strived to improve it since 2015. We have moved away from the MS Excel format to a more easily accessible online version through survey monkey; however we will also be sending out hardcopies to Heads of Department for anybody not being able to use it. If you wish for a copy to be sent to you electronically, please email:

The format of the survey is the same as previous years, with some added improvements to make it easier to complete. You will be asked to assess each supplier individually and choose the areas that they provide equipment to you (i.e. spirometers, full lung function equipment, FeNO, sleep diagnostic equipment, sleep therapy equipment, etc).

If you feel that one area stands out, whether it good or bad, we would ask you to assess this separately. From that point onwards it should feel familiar to last year asking you to rate the following areas:

  • Equipment
  • Sales
  • Service
  • After Sales
  • Overall Rating

You can provide additional comments and suggest people from the company worthy of mention. You have the option to assess more suppliers or go to the final page to fill out your details.

Please note you will need your ARTP membership number to complete the survey submission. If you do not know your ARTP membership number, please contact ARTP Admin

And please remember that you do not have to wait untill the survey to feedback to us on what has been done well, what needs improving or issues you may be having. ARTP Watchdog (email: is available all year round with all topics handled with discretion.

Matt Rutter

ARTP Manufacturer Liaison

Industry Survey Link:

Is available via this link:

Industry Survey 2018-19

Please take the time to complete it, your feeback is critical to the development of respiratory physiology, and is used to feedback to manufacturers on the positive and negative aspects of their services and equipment. 

Cloing Date for the Survey is:

5th November 2019

 Matt Rutter

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