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Who will perform my test?

Simple lung function tests like spirometry can be performed in Primary Care, for example at your G.P.s surgery; in special local clinics or in Secondary Care Centres (Hospitals).  There are many G.P.'s surgeries now offering a spirometry testing service to patient's and your tests will normally be carried out by the Practice Nurse, who will have been trained to do this.

In some areas there are now local centres specialising in COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) where they will perform spirometry and they may also do oxygen assessments and rehabilitation classes.  In these centres your tests will usually be performed by specially trained nurses or physiotherapists.

In Secondary Care (hospital) lung function tests are usually performed in specialised departments, where spirometry and other more detailed lung function tests are carried out.  Your tests will normally be undertaken by a Respiratory Physiologist but in some hospitals it could be a Doctor, a Nurse or a Clinical Scientist. 

Respiratory Physiologists are highly trained and skilled staff who have extensive training and knowledge in respiratory physiology and performing lung function tests.

For more information on the Role of Respiratory Physiologists and Career Information see the Careers section of this website.

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